Children have many things to tell us. Innocent, open and unafraid to wonder as they try to make sense of the world around them, they often see things in a different way to adults. Their observations can be sharp, revealing, funny, and often pure genius. is designed to save and share the wonderful wit of children. Parents and others can submit a KidWit featuring a kid’s quote online and create a small cartoon portrait of the child to accompany it. From there, it’s a simple step to share that or any other KidWit on social media for a wider audience to enjoy. is always on the lookout for good KidWits. We aim to get them published in other media and enable more people to enjoy the utter brilliance of kids. The children themselves are the registered authors and children’s author fees from published KidWits will be donated to the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF, to help children in need all over the world. The annual amount donated to UNICEF will be published on the website under the link ‘WE SUPPORT UNICEF’.

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