It’s very simple. At the top center of the website there is a KidWit panel. Just click on that panel and start typing. Below it are buttons to enter the child's name and age. Once the KidWit has been posted, log in with your Facebook id to publish it.
A smiley face appears automatically with all KidWits, but it’s easy to replace it with a cartoon portrait. Below the name and age buttons for the child, there are several different hairstyles to choose from, as well as different shaped eyes and mouths. Simply click on different options to experiment and create your cartoon portrait.
No, a first name or nickname is mandatory with all KidWits. If you want to be discreet about a child’s identity, you may choose to leave out a last name.
KidWits cannot be submitted without an age, so please enter the closest estimate.
The edit function is not yet active so you need to log onto; My collection using your Facebook ID. Delete the KidWit there and write it again as you want it to be, than you post the KidWit again. When you delete the KidWit it will disappear from If you have previously shared the KidWit by posting it to a social network, the version on that network(s) and all previous sharing or publishing will not change. If you want the new version to go into circulation you need to share the changed KidWit again on social network(s)
Log onto My Collection on using your Facebook ID. Once you have logged into your collection, you can delete the KidWit and it will disappear from If you have previously shared the KidWit by posting it to a social network, you will need to delete it there as well. If someone has already shared the older version of the KidWit to other websites, it will not change on those sites.
Log onto using your Facebook ID to access your collection. You can also use the ‘search’ facility to find KidWits using the child’s name or specific words from the KidWit.
You have to submit the KidWit for publication on first, then the social media buttons will appear below the KidWit allowing you to share it where you choose.
Below all published KidWits are buttons to enable sharing on Facebook. does not offer a comment system, so you can only see comments on social media sites where your KidWit has been shared.
Short KidWits are more readable and popular, so we designed the site with that in mind.
By clicking on the REPORT button, users can notify about indecent or potentially unlawful entries that have been placed on the site. If a KidWit is reported, it will automatically be removed and not published again until after it has been investigated by
No, does not facilitate communication between users and does not disclose user registration information.
Yes, anyone can share KidWits from on social media. However, only can authorize the use of content in other types of media.
The KidWit will appear on, visible to anyone who visits the site. Any person may then share to social media. By accepting the terms and conditions stated, users give publishing permission to and accept that any subsequent author royalties will be donated to the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF. The KidWits may in the future appear in a variety of forms (books, cards etc).
By publishing a KidWit on and accepting the site’s terms, a writer or author gives permission for the KidWit to be shared by anyone on social media in the KidWit format/frame. This does not give a third party authorization to use that material in other media, whether for profit or not. Third parties require permission from KidWits to publish content from
Yes, authors can use their KidWits elsewhere, for private or public use, but the form the KidWit appears in on is copyrighted and may not be distributed in that form except with the licence Kidwits gives to everyone to share it as a designed KidWit on social media. royalties of authors (the registered author is the child about whom the KidWit is written) whose works are posted on are donated to a charity; the United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF. By agreeing to the terms of, the writer agrees on behalf of an author that any royalties of KidWits that are authorized by to be published go to UNICEF.
No agreements on publication royalties have yet been made. will publish the annual total of authors’ fees that go to UNICEF on the link WE SUPPORT UNICEF.
Yes, can adapt KidWits for publishing; shortening or editing text for example. may also publish KidWits in any context, with or without illustrations. When any such changes are made, will seek to safeguard the honorary rights of the author.
We like to believe that most are true representations of something said by a child, but we cannot validate every KidWit for authenticity.
It is technically possible. is unable to verify the true identity of all its users.
To submit a KidWit, you need permission from the copyright owners of the KidWit. That can be the child, its parent, legal guardian or other. The person that submits a KidWit is responsible for acquiring the right permissions. is not obliged to notify contributors, but it is KidWits’ policy to make every reasonable effort to notify contributors if a KidWit from them is published by in a medium other than the site itself.
Siggi an artist from Iceland. is owned by the Icelandic company Gjörð ehf, founded and owned by the husband and wife team, Sverrir Björnsson and Áslaug Harðardóttir.
The KidWits for publication in other media are selected by the staff of Stories that are short, funny, intellectual or sweet are more likely to be selected.